Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome, 2015!

Hello there. This is actually happening. A new post. One of my hopes for this year is to start blogging more. Even if it's just a couple times a month that is an improvement for me. Oh and by the way Happy New Years! Can't believe its 2015! That means that we are now closer to 2030 than we are to 2000. Just a random factoid.

Anyway. Well I guess I'm just gonna try and explain some of my goals for the new years. I'm gonna call them goals or expectations rather than 'resolutions'. Why? I have no idea.

Goal #1) Get in shape. ("but Joel round is a shape") one of my friends recently told me. Haha very funny. As true as that may be when I say 'get in shape'. I don't mean lose weight. I mean to get in shape so that I can run down the street to chase after the basketball that is rolling down the hill without having to stop for a rest 3 times. Ok, it's not that bad. But you get the picture.

Goal #2) Read 52 books. I'm going to admit it folks. 2014 I read practically nothing. Nada. Zip. It was bad. I read a book here and there but really not as much as I would've liked to. So yes. My goal although it may seem crazy to some. And to others it might be like a "Pfff. I read 52 books in a week." But that is my goal. I may not reach it. But even if I'm close I'll be happy with it. So any good book recommendations would be appreciated as I'm not fully sure for books as of yet.

Goal #3) Memorize Scripture. I don't really know how this'll work yet. Or how I'm gonna do it. But I know that I didn't get nearly enough Bible memorization in last year as much as I wanted. I don't have a specific amount that I want to attain but I want to dig into the word of God and apply it to my life and part of that is having it in my head.

"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Goal #4) Graduate. As silly as it may seem to put as a goal. Its really gonna take some hard work to finish up all my school work to graduate in May. That's going to be so weird. Not having to do highschool anymore.

Well I'm sure more goals will make an appearance as time goes on. But for now this is all I have. Are you bored to tears yet? If you are reading this I'd like to congratulate you on completing what could be known as the most boringest (yes I do know that is not correct grammar) blog post that was ever posted. Thanks for reading. Until next time, which hopefully will be soon.

- JD


  1. Pilgrim's Progress
    Paula the Waldensian
    Calvin's Institues
    Spurgeon's Morning and Evening - (This is available free for January at Christian Audio.

  2. Check this out also, Josh wrote this summarizing "How to Read a Book"

    Excited for your 2015 Adventure.