Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The post with no name.....

It's true, sometimes the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a title. Something that seems so simple, is actually the hardest thing for me. Oh, and another hard thing for me would be blogging. Seriously guys, I was looking at my last post. July 13th? Really? Anyway, I really don't have anything important to blog about, really. This is rather just an apologetic, and here-is-what-has-been-going-on-in-my-life-since-last-time kind of post. So what has been going on in my life??

Absolutely Nothing. 

Just kidding.

So, lets see. Well, at the beginning of July (or rather June 30th) I started at my first place of employment. Where's that you ask? Oh you didn't ask? Well I'll tell you anyway. I started at Starbucks! I never thought I would be working at Starbucks, but I am. And I really can't even describe my' Ok that was easier than I thought. Haha, but seriously I love my job! The coworkers are great, and it's not the kind of job where I'm like "Ugh, I have to go to work today" but rather I enjoy it.

Umm... well school started in August. August 20th to be exact. How do I know this is the date we started? Because on August 20th, I started the countdown to Christmas break. Seriously folks, it's come to that. It's my senior year! I can't even believe that. It's so weird to think that in May I will be an official high school graduate. And I'll be done with school FOREVER! Ok, just until August when I start college. Or rather continue on with college, cause guys, get this. I'm taking college classes right now, ok, well not like RIGHT NOW, because obviously I'm typing up a blog post. And we all know I wouldn't be doing such a thing during class. :P Yeah, I'm taking classes at WIT right now in the Graphic Design department as part of their "College Now" program. Which is basically highschoolers that have the opportunity to take some College Classes before they graduate high school. A lot of my friends are also taking WIT classes which is pretty awesome. 


Umm... well still school of course. But we had our annual church retreat. Oh my goodness guys, it was awesome. This was only my second year attending, but guys it's such a great time of fellowship and worship and just spending time with the body of Christ. The speaker we had this year was phenomenal! So yeah, that was pretty much the highlight of my month, or should I say year. Looking forward to next year already.

October: School continues. Mid-terms this month guys. Hope you all did fantastic on 'em. Oh, and I turned 17. It's hard to believe I'm 17 years old, guys. Like seriously, you people who know me, are saying the exact same thing. "He's 17, I thought he was like 13!" Yeah, yeah, if I didn't know me I would probably think I was 13, too. 

And I did it. I pretty much just summed up my life in the past 3 months in one blog post. Not in very much detail but that's beside the point. 

Life has been busy. Not gonna lie. It's been pretty hard to keep up with everything. But when it does get busy we NEED to make sure that we don't lose sight of what's truly important. I've struggled with my Bible Reading on somedays because I just have to finish this homework, or even because I'm too tired. Yeah, guys, seriously there has been those days. And even though sleep, and homework, and work, and (fill in the blank) are important things. It's not more important than Christ. 

I was listening to a sermon by David Platt the other day and he talked about how in Phillipians 3 Paul said "But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ. Indeed, I count everything as loss because of surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord." 

And that even though some things that Paul listed earlier in the chapter were even GOOD things, but that he understood that all those good things, were a loss without Christ. 

So life is going to get busy, for everyone. But don't lose sight of Christ, because that's what is truly important. 

Until next time....